What’s making you happy this week?

  1. the progress Bekah has made in the past two weeks
  2. tacos, tacos, tacos (and guacamole)
  3. bookish presents
  4. rewatching Anne of Green Gables with my mom and sister
  5. finally getting to eat delicious food from Table 33!
  6. surprise dinosaur presents
  7. Piper after she comes in from playing in the snow
  8. watching home videos
  9. good ice cream flavors
  10. reading a book that surprises you because of how good it is
  11. celebrating my birthday on Animal Crossing!
  12. coming home after a few days away
  13. sushi!
  14. my mom making me new masks out of Peter Pan and Winnie-the-Pooh material
  15. Video chatting with William when we’re apart