This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is Ten Signs Youโ€™re a Book Lover. This was way too easy to come up with, but also the list could go on and on and on…

I always have a book with me: I think anybody who carries a book with them would be considered a book dragon.

I own a thousand million bookmarks: Anybody else have too many bookmarks yet you’re not willing to toss any away? Yeah, me too. And I love “matching” my bookmark to the book if I can.

I have my library card number memorized: This is a must for when I need to put new books on hold immediately.

I always asks people what they’re reading: I’m curious! Tell me about the book in your hand or bag or pocket or phone. I want to know!

I give books as gifts: If it’s a possibility, it happens. Always.

I’m usually caught reading everywhere: I’m known as someone who is always reading because, well, it’s true.

I need another bookshelf: I just got one for Christmas and I’m already almost out of space…

I have a high reading goal: Whether you make a goal or you just read a lot, people are constantly amazed when I tell them how many books I’ve read. What else am I supposed to do in my free time?

I have way too many books on my TBR: Anybody else have a physical or digital TBR that seems impossible?

Everybody asks you for book recommendations: My boss, who is a librarian, always points to me when someone at work asks for YA book suggestions. Whatever, man.

Which of these signs can you relate to? Are there any I missed? Don’t forget to join the link-up!