When I picked up The Sky Weaver by Kristen Ciccarelli, I was eager to read more about Safire, Asha’s cousin. I thought the most disappointing thing would be that the dust jacket doesn’t quite match the rest of the Iskari series. I was wrong.

As commandment, Safire is loyal to protecting the King of Figaard and keeping the peace. Eris, a pirate with the ability to move between worlds, has no such loyalties. But then Safire catches wind of a plot to capture her cousin, Asha, who is the Last Namsara. In an attempt to find her cousin before someone else does, she forms an uneasy alliance with Eris. But Eris has secrets of her own: she’s been promised freedom if she can deliver the Last Namsara herself. 

The Sky Weaver expands the Iskari world with pirates, a new kingdom, magic, and more stories. One of my favorite aspects of the whole series is how Kristen Ciccarelli utilizes myths and lore to explore the world and characters. The stories woven alongside the main story line is enthralling. I found myself more curious about the Sky Weaver’s origin than Safire’s story. This book also includes more dragons and more scenes with Asha and Torwin than the previous book, The Caged Queen. It successfully ties together elements introduced in the others books for a brilliant conclusion.

I am, however, a bit disappointed in Safire’s character. It’s obvious from the beginning that she and Eris will have a complicated yet romantic relationship, but I never quite connected to either of them, despite having chapters from both of their perspectives. While the other relationships in the series have deep reason for such profound love—Asha and Torwin through fate and Dax and Roa through a shared past—Eris and Safire’s love feels insta-love and surface level. I find it hard to believe that Safire would give up so much for someone she just met, no matter how she feels.

Her infatuation with Eris also makes her seem like a poor judge of character because she makes a lot of rash decisions in regards to Eris. She doesn’t quite seem like the Safire introduced in The Last Namsara or The Caged Queen. A part of me thinks this entire book isn’t Safire’s story but Eris’ story. Her character arc and development is much more critical to the plot than Safire’s.

The book also has a few reveals about certain characters that I didn’t find as shocking as as I think they are supposed to be, and the stories about the Sky Weaver raises a lot more questions about the magic of the world that are never quite explained.

While I have issue with some of the elements of the story, I still enjoyed reading this book. The world-building and writing style are phenomenal. I love what Kristen Ciccarelli has created, both the world and characters, and I’m sad the series is over. Perhaps I’ll enjoy The Sky Weaver more when I give it a reread, like I did with The Caged Queen. If you’ve read the series thus far, give this book a chance!

Iskari Series

~I purchased a copy of The Sky Weaver by Kristen Ciccarelli and chose to write a review. All opinions are my own.~