This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is Changes In My Reading LifeI didn’t really think about how my reading life has changed over the years until this prompt. But there are a few different aspects of my reading life that have shifted since high school and college.

Audiobooks: A few years ago, I would have scoffed at listening to audiobooks, not believing I would want to listen to them. But I love listening to audiobooks now, especially those with full casts or excellent narrators, and I don’t think my drives to work would be the same.

Ebooks: Like audiobooks, I haven’t always been a fan of ebooks. But recently, especially since I started requesting e-arcs via NetGalley, I’ve read more ebooks. Sometimes I can’t get a book from my library fast enough or I want to have something if I’m on the go, and ebooks are a perfect solution to that.

Graphic novels / comic books: I’ve always like reading comic books and manga, but I definitely read more than I did before because I have access to more titles through my library.

YA contemporary: I used to hate YA contemporary books because the characters and their decisions annoyed me more than I could tolerate the good aspects. But more recently, I’ve forced myself to read more YA contemporary and found a few titles that I have enjoyed.

Classics: While in school, I read a lot of classics for my English classes. Upon graduation, I realized no one was forcing me to read them anymore, but I still wanted to. There are quite a few out there I didn’t have to read, so I’m forcing myself to read (or reread) them.

Middle grade: I read a lot more middle grade books these, partly because it’s a bigger genre than it was before and because I want to publish middle grade books someday.

Adult fantasy: I usually stick close to the YA genre, but I have branched out a little more in the past couple years to read a few adult fantasy books. My biggest issue with adult fantasy is the books are so thick! But they’re usually worth it.

Rereads: I try to reread at least one book a month, usually something I haven’t read in a while. A few years ago, I started rereading favorite childhood series (Anne of Green Gables, Little House books, A Series of Unfortunate Events), so now I keep that going or I reread books with sequels coming out soon.

More books: In general, I read more books than I have in recent years. I’m sure as a kid, I still read more books than I do each year, but I’ve found I’d rather read a book than watch a movie or play video games. People wonder how I read so much and it’s simple: I take the time to read.

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