This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is Auto-Buy Authors. I’m not sure if any author is 100% an auto-buy for me because I do look at the book they are publishing before I decide to buy it or not. There are several others, though, that I trust will write good books, no matter what, and I most likely will buy their new books.

Leigh Bardugo: I own all of her books to date, but I am hesitant about Ninth House because I’ve heard it’s way darker than anything else she’s written. Will I buy it? Most likely.

Marissa Meyer: While Heartless wasn’t exactly what I wanted from a Queen of Hearts retelling, Marissa Meyer has yet to disappoint me. After she finishes up the Renegades trilogy, I’m excited to see what she’ll publish next.

Emily Bain Murphy: I’ve only read one of Emily’s books (the only one she has published), but I’m excited for more and will definitely keep an eye on new books.

Mary Weber: Mary is both a wonderful author and a wonderful person. She puts so much heart into her stories that I never fear that I won’t like her stories.

Rick Riordan: I love everything Rick Riordan writes, even if not every story is my favorite. I will always read and always buy (at some point) his books.

Lisa T. Bergren: I haven’t bought everything Lisa T. Bergren publishes, but I own a whole shelf full of them. I love her attention to detail in her historical fiction and her ability to fuse those details with more than romance.

Kristen Ciccarelli: I’m eagerly awaiting the publication of The Sky Weaver, book three in the Iskari series, but I’m excited to see what else Kristen has to offer as well. She has a way with story-telling.

Lisa Maxwell: I don’t love everything Lisa Maxwell has published, but The Last Magician series has me convinced that anything she writes from here on out will be good. I may not immediately buy the books, but I’ll read them and decide if I should purchase it.

Donita K. Paul: If Donita writes about dragons, I will buy a copy.

Emily A. Duncan: Emily may be the exception to the “I’ll look at the content first” rule because I went to school with her. I will support buying her books, no matter what she writes. I trust it’ll be good anyways.

Which authors do you trust to always write good books to buy? Don’t forget to join the link-up!